If you missed the 63rd Primetime Emmy Awards let me tell you that it was a night full of surprises and new faces!  “Modern Family” the sitcom about three assorted couples, very descriptive of our times I’d dare and my favorite TV show swept the board!  It won 4 Emmys for: Directing, writing, and outstanding supporting actor and actress. “Mad Men” was the second best of the night as it won “best drama” series for a fourth straight year.

On the other hand, “The Big Bang Theory” star Jim Parsons (Sheldon), my second favorite show, won his second Emmy in a row as best lead actor in a comedy. Melissa McCarthy of “Mike & Molly” won the award for lead actress. And Canadian actor Barry Pepper won best actor in a mini-series for his role as Robert Kennedy in “The Kennedys(Just to mention a few of the many winners of the night).

Another relevant appearance of the night was Charlie Sheen who of course was not part of the nominees but was in charge of presenting the award for lead actor in a comedy. Although his speech at the beginning seemed to be the prelude of a controversial one, he did nothing but congratulate his former colleagues and wish them the best.  Coincidence or not, this “motivational” moment comes just before the premiere episode of a new season of “Two and a half Men” with Ashton Kutcher replacing Sheen, which by the way will be broadcasted tonight.

Doing an overall review of the whole Emmy night by network HBO was the biggest winner with 19 Emmys, followed by 14 for PBS, 11 for CBS, 9 for Fox, 8 for ABC and 6 for NBC. Hopefully, our night at Bingo Angels is  as successful as it was for HBO at the Emmys!