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Whether you’ve got the frizzes, fine hair, dry hair, or just haven’t had a chance to wash your hair having a bad hair day can make you absolute grumpy.

However, Bingo Angels has what you need to turn a bad hair day into a better day… check our daily promotions and a few tips to prevent one of these days!

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Tip #1 Get the very best haircut you can afford, because in the end, it’s the cut that determines how easy your hair will be to style.

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Tip #2  Keep hair moisturized: Do not over wash it. Do not rub it with the towel, instead dab on your hair to remove excess water. Friction can cause your hair to dry and may lead to split ends

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Tip #3   Baking soda is actually a great friend for your hair. While you’re in the shower, sprinkle a dash of baking soda into your palm and mix with your shampoo. Rinse and condition as usual. The baking soda helps remove impurities and build-up so your hair comes out looking shiny, soft, and super manageable.

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Good luck to you all and hopefully these tips and promotions turn your bad day into a good one!!!


How many languages do you speak? One, two, three? Speaking more than one language has many advantages, such as more job opportunities, makes traveling to easier depending on the languages you speak but above all it slows down the aging process of the brain.

 According to a recent study speaking more than one language appears to enable people to develop certain skills to better cope with the early symptoms of memory diseases and Alzheimer.  You can listen to Dr. Craik  statements why speaking  more than one language is good for your brain:

Although learn­ing a new lan­guage is a great men­tal exer­cise it can­not be the magic answer to everything. As you know, brain main­te­nance requires a multi-faceted approach com­pris­ing at least a vari­ety of brain stim­u­la­tion, bal­anced nutri­tion, stress man­age­ment, social­iza­tion (that is why we all play online bingo) and phys­i­cal exercise.

Finding the right hair salon is like finding the right car mechanic to work with. You’ll only want to bring your car to someone you trust who is dependable, affordable and has you and your car’s best interest at heart. Unlike the car, the hair grows back fortunately but still you don’t want to end up like Ugly Betty. 

 So to find a hairdresser that satisfies your needs, you must take into account that he or she really understands what you want (let them know your preferences and your hair problems, communication is always vital), what suits you best according to your physical features and lifestyle. I am sure you’ll also want a hair salon with employees that are friendly, personable and make you feel comfortable.

That being said, here are some tips for you to take into consideration when looking for a hair dresser:

  • First, you’ll want a salon that is conveniently located near where you live or work.  You don’t want to go on a field trip for a hair cut or hair do.
  • Keep in mind the cleanliness and good customer service.
  • Take note of the prices so you can compare with other businesses.  By experience I can tell you that pricy is not a synonym of good quality all the time.
  • Ask your friends! Personal references are always helpful since it gives you the chance to try a stylist whose work you’ve already seen. Besides, word of mouth referrals are always appreciated by hair salons.
  • Check out the beauty parlor Facebook page. Look for reviews or comments that may also give you an idea of what kind of place it is.
  • Before you leave the place always ask for advice and tips on how to manage your style at home.

Hope these few tips help you finding the perfect hair dresser that makes you look radiant and glamorous! I can assure you once you can find him or her you will establish a long term relationship!

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Always trying to find an excuse to avoid doing household chores? Well, now you have the perfect one:  It is stressful and it’s been scientifically proven. According to a recent study cleaning up when you get home from work prevents the body from reducing its levels of the stress hormone cortisol, which is supposed to drop in the evening. 

Cortisol is released to help us get ready for challenging tasks, which means having consistently high levels of it appear to lower our resistance to physical ailments, and some studies have suggested that they can even lead to early death.

So what is the solution?

1. If you and your partner have paying jobs outside the house, you both should share the responsibility.  (Most women spend their time after work doing chores while men engage in leisure activities).

2. Do one house chore per day instead of doing them all at once.

3.  Learn to live with a little bit of mess here and there.  Put off the  household chores over the weekend and play bingo after work. It’s fun you get to share with other people and I am sure it will chase your stress away the stress!

Money makes the world go round or at least is what most of us think. The problem starts when money starts controlling your life and things start going the other way around. Learning how to balance your money and your spending habits is something you don’t master within a blink of an eye. Some of us spend money Bingo Angels tips on how to spend your money wiselyemotionally (me when I buy shoes), for fun purposes (when I play online bingo) and others still need to learn how to balance their money and their spending habits.

Therefore today, we are going to give you some advises to try to take control of your money and make prudent spending decisions.

1.       Make a budget. Budgeting is essentially the process of asking what I should spend my money on. Besides, it helps you to have a clear vision in written form of what are your fixed expenses.
2.       Track expenses. It will provide you an insight into your spending habits.
3.       Don’t succumb to impulse spending. Resist the temptations think about it before you buy it. Do you really need it or do you want it?
4.       Beware of credit cards. If you are already in debt, try to pay more than the minimum due. This way you will avoid pay more and more due to the interest rate.

Remember, it is not how much money you have but how you spend it what really makes the difference. Expensive belongings can’t make you happy or add any enjoyment to your life if you are steeped in debt. People are happier, living a modest affordable lifestyle on their income, rather than living of appearances and having a huge debt.  It is possible that you can’t keep up with the “Smith’s”, but at least you will be able to sleep well at night and have some time off to play at Bingo Angels a site that understand the real meaning of stretching your money further.

If you are planning to upgrade or switch your mobile phone, don’t throw the old one away! Trade it in! Thanks to the “Sell or Trade in Your Cell Phone” campaign, an environmentally friendly campaign move by Best Buy, eBay, AT&T and Flipswap, you now have better options for your old mobile friend instead of just the dustbin.   trade in your cell phone and use the savings to play bingo

The reason why this campaign is so important is because cell phones contain toxic substances embedded inside their circuitry and displays. Toxins such as arsenic, lead, and copper, in addition to cadmium, mercury and beryllium, are some of the hazardous chemicals you wouldn’t want leaking into the environment.

How much you get for your old phone will depend on a variety of factors, including its age, its condition and how in demand the particular brand and model is. Depending on the store, you can either get cash back, store credits or gift cards in exchange.

But before you decide to throw out your old cell phone in exchange for a new one, think for a moment if you absolutely need to change it? If your older model is still working fine, do you really need to buy a new one? What else could that money be spent on?  Since mine is working perfectly fine, I rather invest that money on some pampering for the body and some pampering for the soul called bingo!  But remember, if you definitely have to get a new phone, never put it in a drawer because it loses value every day!

Today, I woke up feeling a bit philosophical and thinking that life passes by so fast that sometimes we overlook those small things that can make a huge difference! The world is full of dreams, places to go, and things to buy, but it is the small things that happen every day that might be the key to happiness, but only if one learns how to enjoy and make the most out of them.

So challenge yourself, don’t take things for granted and slow down on all those things that you are doing. Take a few minutes to taste all the flavors of your morning coffee, walk or drive slower to the grocery store, look around you and find something new, watch your cat or dog sleeping, sit near the window to watch the snow fall, watch the clouds pass by or enjoy a beautiful sunset.

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