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It seems like Canada is finally ready to give a step forward into new passport technology and catch up with the rest of the G8 and more than 100 countries.

Although the electronic passport has been in the works since 2004 it won’t be until 2012 when this new ePassport is set to be launched. The new ePassports will be very similar to the old ones except they will have an electronic chip encoded with the individual’s name, gender, date of birth and a digital picture. 

Canadians will be able to choose between the current 5-year passport or one that is valid for 10 years. The cost of the new passports is yet to be decided, nonetheless Monique Boivin, Manager, Strategic Communications at Passport Canada, recognized the ePassport is more expensive to produce, but said Passport Canada would consult the public before seeking Ottawa’s approval to raise its fees.

In the mean time, the old Canadian passports will remain valid until they expire.  If you are Canadian and want to read further on this matter I invite you visit Passport Canada And if you want to be informed on what is going on in the Bingo Angels online bingo world don’t forget to check our current – daily promos!

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That was the headline of one of the most eye catching news in yahoonews today. It doesn’t happen to me, but apparently some people get headaches from watching 3D so I decided to run a web search to see what kind of advice is available on how to avoid this.

According to what I found headaches and blurred vision during and after 3D movies is usually a result of strained eyes. This effect has been called “vergence accommodation conflict” and apparently people in their 50’s and 60’s are less likely to experience side effects while younger people may struggle more.  So what can you do to avoid this:

  • Focus on the object rather than the screen and the farther you sit from the screen, the smaller the difference between the convergence and the accommodation distances the less effect you will experience.
  • Avoid using stereoscopic glasses (with one red and one blue lens) as this may also contribute to headaches.
  • Try not to look at the unfocused parts of the image.
  • Look for movie theaters that use a single projector to alternate between both the right-eye and left-eye images

Movies done in 3D confuse your brain when they trick your inner ear into thinking you are moving while your body knows it is sitting still. When this confusion happens, people often experience motion sickness, headaches, and nausea.  What to do to avoid this?

  • Look away from the screen for a minute when you feel nausea.  You can also take some motion sickness medication before going to see the movie.

As this kind of technology develops so fast I am pretty sure cinematographers will some come up with a different approach on how to watch 3D movies. In the mean time, it looks like it will just be a choice between going to a regular theater or putting up with the headache from a 3D one.

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Oh how exciting! We are getting a royal wedding pretty soon as Prince William will wed Kate Middleton next spring or summer in London!!  Apparently the couple got engaged last month during a vacation in Kenya, but even though the wait was a bit long, the news did not come as a surprise to anyone.

When considering any odds put forth by various bookies, Kate and William’s engagement was the safest bet in Britain. Certain bookies already stopped taking bets on a 2011 wedding, a “possible, free” year that could have been suitable for a wedding as it avoids both the London’s Summer Olympics and the queen’s Diamond Jubilee, both held in 2012.

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Today’s news about Cali, the pony used as a guide animal for a blind girl in the US,  is one of a handful of miniature horses in the United States used as guide animals for the blind, hit the news portals with adorable pictures of this little helper.

Yahoo News comments on the story saying that: “Weighing in at under 100 pounds (45 kilograms), miniature horses are about the same size as a large dog but are much stockier and can be especially good at helping and supporting people with mobility issues. They also have significantly longer life spans — they can live and work for more than 30 years while guide dogs are usually retired after about six to eight years. The down side is that they do require much more care and bear a far heftier price tag.”

I wouldnt mind having a little helper like that in the bingo room! My little pony could just hold my bingo cards and maybe I could get her a tool belt where we could keep my daubers.. And I bet she would be a great bingo lucky charm as well!