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While we continue to Celebrate the Calgary Stampede with a week of surprises and lots of cash to be won, Calgarians are looking for ways to beat the heat.

Southern Alberta is in the grips of a heat wave, with temperatures close to 30 C in the city Tuesday, and expected to remain in the high 20s throughout the week.

We do anticipate over the next couple of days some late afternoon or early evening thunderstorms developing.” said Environment Canada meteorologist Bill McMurtry.

While that happens and the temperatures drop, here are some ways you can cool down under the glaring sun:

Set the Dial Higher

If you have central air, set your thermostat above 78 degrees (all temperatures cited here are in degrees Fahrenheit). You’ll save 5 to 8 percent on cooling costs with each degree above that mark. For a typical household, setting the thermostat at 80 degrees saves 10 to 15 percent; raising it to 85 degrees will save 35 to 55 percent.

Wear loose fitting light colored clothing.

Lighter colors attract less heat and with loose clothing it will allow for more air-flow to help keep you cool.

Change your routine.

As nice as that run may be early afternoon on a Saturday, summer is not the time for it! Adjust your activities so they are happening earlier or later in the day when the temperatures are cooler and the sun isn’t beating on you as harshly.

Snack on treats from the freezer

Munch on frozen grapes, berries or bananas, whip up some smoothies, or make homemade Popsicles with the kids.

Spritz yourself.

Keep a spray bottle in the refrigerator, and when the going gets hot, give yourself a good squirt. “As the water evaporates, it cools you.” says John Lehnhardt, an elephant expert at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, in Lake Buena Vista, Florida

Swig often. To replace the moisture that you lose as you perspire, be sure to drink. As you lose water to dehydration, your body temperature rises, so replacing fluids is essential to keeping cool. Avoid beverages that contain alcohol, caffeine, or lots of sugar, which are dehydrating.

Go for a swim

…even if its in a plastic pool in the back yard!


Bingo Angels is starting the New Year with high expectations and lots of energy for the bingo rooms! So, prepare yourself for an exciting January packed with promotions and great chances to win!

Our new contests for this January are:

Must be won coverall games: Jump into the H.O.B room every Thursday, Friday and Saturday to win one of these games with a starting jackpot of $150 plus $25 added for each ball after 46 calls. So, the longer it takes to Bingo, the more cash you win.

Winter Warmer Board: Bingo on the special patterns: Snowboard, fireplace and snowflake and you get to pick a prize off our special winter prize board, you could take home up to $250 in cash! Each pattern will run three times a day in the H.O.B. room from 12pm to midnight.

Congratulations to all players who participated and won in the 12 Days of Christmas. Don’t forget to check out our daily feature promotions where you can find all our bingo game highlights! See you tonight in the rooms! 🙂

If you are a moviegoer or video rental club member you will agree with me that this year Hollywood and the independent filmmakers have kept us quite entertained.  I don’t have a favorite genre, I like watching anything but horror movies as long as it is accompanied by a massive serving of POPCORN!

Although, I think the movies and popcorn that I enjoy the most are the Special Movies & Popcorn patterns that play in the Maxi’s H.O.B. room every Tuesday and Sunday as they give you the chance to win a fixed $150 jackpot!  And if you win both within the same week, Maxi will give you an Extra $150 Cash! Absolutely worth a watch and a play!

Now, if you want to enjoy a movie that won’t give you back as much as the Movies&Popcorn pattern will in cash, here is a list of what I thought were the best movies of 2010

  1. Avatar – The Movie ( No doubt about it)
  2. Toy Story 3 (The third in the trilogy and definitely worth watching )
  3. Inception (You might have to watch it twice)
  4. The Road (Suspense from head to toe)
  5. The Secret in Their Eyes (Argentinean hybrid of police investigation +   unrequited romance)
  6. Chloe (Things are not always what they seem)
  7. The Book of Eli (Unexpected end)
  8. Hot Tube Time Machine (Go back in time to the 80’s)
  9. Eat, Pray and Love (Any girl can relate to this one and has most likely read Elizabeth Gilbert‘s book)
  10. Due Date (Funny, you always have to have a funny included)

Any other movie you think is worth watching? Leave us a comment with the name of it here below, but for now I bid you farewell and wish you good luck in the bingo rooms!

Happy Tuesday everyone! Hope the week has started well and that you all took advantage of the fantastic deposit bonuses yesterday! Monday is after all Top Up Day!

Today I just wanted to remind you all about our Movies&Popcorn patterns that are playing in Maxi’s H.o.B every Tuesday and Sunday. These special Movies & Popcorn patterns are worth $150 each, but if you win BOTH the Movies pattern on Tuesday as well as the Popcorn pattern on Sunday Maxi will give you an Extra $150 Cash for winning both in the same week!

So lets recap! The Movies pattern plays on Tuesday and has a fixed $150 Jackpot while the Popcorn pattern plays on Sunday and has a $150 fixex Jackpot! Winning both nets you an extra $150! That’s $450 in total!

The week starts from Monday-Sunday so you have to win the Tuesday game first and the Sunday pattern second in order to qualify for the extra $150! Now keep your eyes out for these patterns:

I cannot believe Hump Day is here again! Somehow the days have a tendency to sometimes feel quite long, but my gosh do the weeks fly by! Incredible…

Anyways, so here we are again, going over the hump and I bet swooshing into the weekend in no time! But before that there are lots of fun things to be done (and hopefully lots of fabulous prizes to be won!)

BingoAngels have kicked off their Thanksgiving month with a multitude of prizes, worth $7,000 in total! That’s a nice little collection of prizes to be picked up over the next few days and I would not recommend you miss any of this! There are 12 games daily between noon and midnight so everyone has a chance to pick up one of the 350 prizes!

Just keep your eyes out for the following bingo patterns:

BingoAngels is bringing us a month full of Thanksgiving Bingo when they launched their new Thanksgiving promo on the 1st November. The new promotion could make you into a big winner – all you have to do is win one of the special Turkey Leg, Thanksgiving Basket and/or Pilgrim Hat patterns that will be playing daily in Maxis H.o.B from noon till midnight!

The three patterns will run 2x each day with 350 Prizes To Be Won – worth over $7,000! This includes cash up to $250, Bonus Bucks up to $75 and Free Slots Seats to play in our Daily, Weekly and Monthly Slot Events (with a chance for you to win even mroe fantastic prizes!)

So keep an eye out for these patterns every day!! 🙂

BingoAngels have been doing all kinds of fantastic September specials this month and soon the month is over! But you can still take advantage of the fantastic promos that are on offer for another few days.

Double Up Fever is on every Thursday through Saturday when the special “Double Up Fever” pattern will play in Maxis H.O.B. Each game has a Must-Go $150 Jackpot and if you can Bingo on a Double Number Maxi will give you another $150 CASH! That’s $300 in total!

Happy Hour is running each day between 4-5pm in Maxis HOB Room! All you need to do to get the most out of this hour is Bingo on any game and you will win yourself $10 Bonus Bucks!

** Please note that players with a pending cash-out,no deposit in the last 7 days or since last cash out will not be eligible for any Extra Winnings. All games have a Min. 6 card purchase.