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While we continue to Celebrate the Calgary Stampede with a week of surprises and lots of cash to be won, Calgarians are looking for ways to beat the heat.

Southern Alberta is in the grips of a heat wave, with temperatures close to 30 C in the city Tuesday, and expected to remain in the high 20s throughout the week.

We do anticipate over the next couple of days some late afternoon or early evening thunderstorms developing.” said Environment Canada meteorologist Bill McMurtry.

While that happens and the temperatures drop, here are some ways you can cool down under the glaring sun:

Set the Dial Higher

If you have central air, set your thermostat above 78 degrees (all temperatures cited here are in degrees Fahrenheit). You’ll save 5 to 8 percent on cooling costs with each degree above that mark. For a typical household, setting the thermostat at 80 degrees saves 10 to 15 percent; raising it to 85 degrees will save 35 to 55 percent.

Wear loose fitting light colored clothing.

Lighter colors attract less heat and with loose clothing it will allow for more air-flow to help keep you cool.

Change your routine.

As nice as that run may be early afternoon on a Saturday, summer is not the time for it! Adjust your activities so they are happening earlier or later in the day when the temperatures are cooler and the sun isn’t beating on you as harshly.

Snack on treats from the freezer

Munch on frozen grapes, berries or bananas, whip up some smoothies, or make homemade Popsicles with the kids.

Spritz yourself.

Keep a spray bottle in the refrigerator, and when the going gets hot, give yourself a good squirt. “As the water evaporates, it cools you.” says John Lehnhardt, an elephant expert at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, in Lake Buena Vista, Florida

Swig often. To replace the moisture that you lose as you perspire, be sure to drink. As you lose water to dehydration, your body temperature rises, so replacing fluids is essential to keeping cool. Avoid beverages that contain alcohol, caffeine, or lots of sugar, which are dehydrating.

Go for a swim

…even if its in a plastic pool in the back yard!


If you find nothing more relaxing than filling your weekend’s hours with online bingo fun, then you’ll find irresistible all the latest that is going on at Bingo Angels!  Our weekend promotions and bingo session are something you can’t resist (whether you like playing for huge jackpots or just enjoy the adrenaline that tournaments bring along)

No matter what kind of thrilling game or promo you are looking for, I am pretty sure you’ll find something fun to do EVERY hour of EVERY among this list:

  • Extra deposit bonus of 100% and up! for under and over $100!
  • Multiple Scrabble patterns for you to keep accumulating points and win big!
  • Nightly $500 Coveralls which start playing at 11pm
  • Two for the price of One BOGOF (3 times a day)
  • 5 cents patterns playing in the “City Bingo” room at night
  • 100% Bonus in Chat BBs on every Deposit you make
  • Coverall Progressive Jackpot Crazies

Dig around our Daily Specials to see what is on offer.  At BingoAngels there is always something for everyone!

We have started our Christmas give away a little bit early this year and best of all is it will last until January 1st 2011! From now on, we will randomly open up a gift every day of the week for you to stretch your money further during the last stretch of the year! We will be giving away: Deposit bonus, special games, dining dough cards, gift cards and FREE bingo money just to mention a few of the daily surprise gifts we have in store for you! So f before going to Bingo Angels’ rooms, check our blog and Facebook page daily as we will be revealing what we have for the day through this means!

So let’s start with today’s special:

All deposits of $50+ receive a 30% top-up bonus! Bear in mind that a $50 deposit will also get you: 15% rebate, a FREE seat in our daily slots event, and an extra 100% on top of the 30%

Plus every day that you make a $75 deposit you will receive a 200% bonus, 2 event seats, a 15% rebate, up to 100% in Chat (Bingo Bucks) and access to all nightly events plus valuable VIP Points for additional end of month awards.  Where else will you get this much for your money?

Wait for tomorrows blog entry as the closer we get to Christmas the more exciting the promos will get! Log in now and start experiencing the fun and excitement Bingo Angels brings along  this Holiday Season!

So the Pop-Tart is turning 45 this month. Pretty amazing that its been around since the 60s (just like me!! :)) and that it is still basking in the glory of being a favorite among children (and grown ups like the lovely Quillos 😉 ) all around the world.

This sugary breakfast treat was the brain child of the Kellogg company who developed its own version of a competitor product in just six months.  The name came from Pop Art, which was prominent at the time and the product was advertised by an animated toaster named Milton.

Originally the Pop-Tart was not frosted when it was introduced in 1964, thankfully later someone clever proved that frosting could survive the toaster, expanding the range of Pop-Tarts to frosted ones as well in 1967!While the first Pop-Tarts came out in four different flavors: strawberry, blueberry, brown sugar cinnamon, and apple currant, today’s world is blessed with a much wider range and variety of Pop-Tart flavors including flavors such as Chocolate Chip, S’Mores, Raspberry, French Toast, Blueberry Muffin, Wild Grape, Ginger Bread to name just a few…

Anyways, read more about the Pop-Tart on everybody’s favorite encyclopedia Wikipedia, or just head over to your nearest shop and buys a few to celebrate this fabulous month!

Personally I will stock up on a few of them (depending on what the suggestions are on the Pop Tarts site just for mums) and head over to BingoAngels for some Friday fun in the bingo rooms! See you all there for some Friday Bingo Fun! Don’t forget that you get a special deposit bonus – Just in time for the weekend!

The double up days at BingoAngels continue. If you deposit today at BingoAngels they throw in some extra cash for you that will give you even more  bingo fun for your Saturday!

My saturday is going to be spend at a bake sale to raise money for my kids’ school trip. Hmm.. They done really seem to appreciate it though, the kids I mean. In order to really appreciate all the hard work it takes to get them on a school trip I think it should be them baking and selling and not the parents. Oh well, if it wouldnt also be such a lovely way to spend some extra time with them I would be a bit more upset about it!

And with this Double Up treat on offer from BingoAngels, at least I will get some great value bingo action in as well after all the hard work!

This month BingoAngels has started with something completely fantastic! They have made Monday into Deposit Day! I might not dislike Mondays just as much as I used to anymore… 🙂

All deposits of $50+ will earn 40% Extra Every Monday!

But do remeber that players must have deposited a minimum of $50 and not have a pending cash-out from the previous week to be eligible for this promotion. Check out info about this on the Bingo Schedule page! Remember you can deposit using credit card or Ewallet Express.

Ewallet Express offers even more payment solutions depending on which country you are depositing from:

U.S.A. Deposit Methods:

  • Checking (Registration): Limit $150 USD upon Registration FREE.
  • Basic Checking (Subsequent): Limit $300 USD/30 days with a $10 USD Fee.
  • Xpress Funds Checking is not available during registration! There is a $300 USD limit/30 day Period with a 8.8% fee
  • Money Order: $1,000/day and it’s FREE
  • Bank Wire: NO LIMIT!!! FREE!
  • 900Pay: $150 USD per Calendar Month and a 15% fee.

Canadian Deposit Methods:

  • Basic Checking: $300 CAD/week with a $100 CAD fee.
  • Express Funds Checking: $300 CAD/week at 8.8% fee.
  • Online Bill Payment: $1,000 CAD/day and it’s FREE.
  • Express funds Bill Payment: $1,000 CAD/day/$1.50 CAD fee.
  • Interact Email Money Transfer: $1,000 CAD/day/$1.50 CAD fee.
  • Money Order: $1,000 CAD/day/FREE $1,000 CAD/day/FREE.
  • Bank Wire: No LIMIT/FREE

U.K Deposit Methods:

  • Internet Banking: Varies by bank/1-2 days/?1.50 GBP.
  • Checking: Coming Soon!
  • Money Order: ?1000 GBP/day/FREE
  • Electronic Checking USA/CANADA

Remember that Monday is the new Cashout day at BingoAngels, so if you want to get any of those excellent winnings out, you need to submit your withdrawal request before Monday!! Get them in today OR keep that stash growing!

If you decide to deposit instead you can earn up to 360% on each Deposit and Get a FREE SLOT SEAT for every $75 you Deposit!

If you have placed more than one withdrawal request, the first withdrawal entry will be the withdrawal processed; all subsequent withdrawals will be automatically declined. You can consolidate the requests by reflowing them and reissuing one cash out.

You can read more about Cashing out from BingoAngels on their website